Primary Grades


Religion is the thread that weaves the Primary Grade Curriculum together. Children are taught the Catholic Christian faith through lessons, prayers, traditions, and service. Each day offers children the opportunity to practice their faith and grow spiritually. As a member of the Archdiocese of Washington School System (ADW), the De Chantal curriculum grows naturally from the ADW academic standards in each subject area. Teachers develop engaging lessons designed to encourage intellectual curiosity. The daily academic lessons taught in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are designed to reach students with varied learning styles.

Each week, children are also taught by a specialized teacher in Art, STEM, Music, and Physical Education. The children also have a dedicated time in Library each week. In all the primary grades, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade, teachers integrate the traditional; textbooks, workbooks, and writing with pencil and paper, with the 21st-century technology; laptops, IPads and google classroom. Children will learn through the use of a variety of platforms consistent with their age and developmental level.

1st Grade

First Grade at De Chantal is a year of tremendous academic and social growth for each child.

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2nd Grade

Students learn and practice phonics, reading, writing, spelling, math facts and math formulas on a daily basis through engaging lessons.

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3rd Grade

Gaining academic confidence and completing assignments independently is what children and teachers strive towards in third grade at De Chantal.

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4th Grade

With a traditional yet highly creative curriculum, the Fourth Grade teachers offer students the opportunity to learn through experience.

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5th Grade

Individual responsibility and independent work are the hallmark academic skills students bring to the fifth grade at De Chantal

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The De Chantal commitment to educate the whole child includes lessons in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and STEM Lab. These are identified as Specials in the daily school schedule.

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