The De Chantal commitment to educate the whole child includes lessons in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and STEM Lab.  These are identified as Specials in the daily school schedule.


The De Chantal Art Curriculum offers students of all ages the opportunity to learn about Artist, Art Styles and Art from a variety of cultures. The Art lessons actively require students to practice art in a variety of styles and mediums. Each Spring the De Chantal Art Show offers our community the chance to appreciate talented artist within our school.


Mrs. Christina Porter, Art Room


The De Chantal Music Curriculum teaches students to read music, enjoy of variety of music genres, music from other cultures, learn, play and sing Church Music and learn, play and sing uniquely American pieces of music. Each quarter the De Chantal Choir sings at School Masses and in a more relaxed setting at school for special choral presentations.. Each school day the Hallways of De Chantal are filled with Music.


Mrs. Olga Morales, Music Room

Physical Education

During PE classes all students learn new athletic skills, learn how to play individual and team sports, and practice good sportsmanship. The curriculum includes lessons on nutrition and physical health and safety. Students in grades Pk to 4 attend class once a week and students in grades 5-8 attend class twice a week.


Mrs. Lisa Tehan, GYM


Through hands-on activities in Science and Engineering, all students discover how to apply the scientific method, engineer design process and principals of geometry and physics. Students engage with each other in a collaborative way as they learn, design, experiment, test, fail, re-design and succeed..


Ms. Nancy Ramsayer, STEM Lab


The Hamilton Library at De Chantal is a comfortable cozy place for our youngest students to fall in love with reading. Students in grades Pre-K to Grade 4 visit once a week to practice their reading and active listening.  Students will be encouraged to  choose a book for pleasure and academic reading as well as learn how to research a topic. Older students are welcome to visit the library throughout the school day if they need a specific book or a quiet place to study.


Mrs. Tara Merola, Library