Welcome to De Chantal Kindergarten, where most students begin their journey as a De Chantal student.

Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers make certain each student feels welcome and safe.  The priority for the De Chantal Kindergarten Curriculum is to provide children with a strong foundation in Reading and Math. Children will develop their academic,  social and emotional skills throughout the school year.  Religion is taught daily as well as all subjects in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Once a week, children attend a class in Art, STEM, Physical Education and Music. Children will also have a dedicated library time each week.

The De Chantal Kindergarten teachers realize children arrive in their classroom with individual levels of reading and reading readiness and number sense.  There are fluid reading and math groups where students will learn with their peers.  Individualized one-to-one teaching is part of every class day.  The academic and social progression of each child is the teachers’ top priority.