The students at St. Jane de Chantal have the opportunity to participate in athletics through the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). This parish organization is available to all students from kindergarten through eighth grade who attend St. Jane de Chantal School or are a member of the parish.

Fall Sports

During the fall season De Chantal's CYO offers Soccer to Pre-K through 8th grade and Cross Country to Kindergarten through 8th grade. Keep an eye out this summer for emails regarding fall registration. Check the De Chantal CYO website throughout the summer for practice schedules and important registration information.

CYO website

Winter Sports

During the winter season De Chantal offers basketball to grades 1st - through 8th. Check the De Chantal CYO website for more information regarding the evaluation and registration schedule.

CYO website

Spring Sports

Spring sports at De Chantal is busy! We offer the following sports: Baseball for grades 3rd – 8th, T-Ball for Kindergarten – 2nd grade, Softball for grades 3rd – 8th, Soccer for grades 1st – 2nd and Track for Kindergarten – 8th grade. Check the De Chantal CYO website for more information regarding the registration schedule.

CYO website


De Chantal is known for our strong CYO sports teams and as a volunteer-only organization we are constantly recruiting enthusiastic parents like you to help make the CYO experience meaningful for the youth in our school community. Contact James Hoffman for more information,