Eighth Grade

The academically challenging curriculum prepares students across all subjects for the rigors of high school.  The Religion curriculum guides each student to become a faith-filled member of a community that serves others.  As the leaders of the De Chantal school body, eighth graders at De Chantal experience their final year with a variety of unique and special traditions. 

Students study under the guidance of exceptional teachers in Language Arts, Science, Math, History-Social Studies and Spanish.  They continue to build upon the academic foundation laid over the previous years while at the same time maintaining their intellectual curiosity.   Teachers manage the curriculum with a focused intention to prepare students for high school.  There are quarterly tests, high school placement exams, research papers and final exams in core academic subject which help students assess their own learning progress. 

Students study the Abrahamic Faiths and prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  They enjoy many leadership roles throughout the school and lead several community service programs.  Eighth graders lead liturgies and ceremonies during Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. 

Each school day eighth grade students lead the school.  They manage carpool,  morning announcements, daily prayers and assist the principal with many special projects.  Students create a sense of school spirit with fun and engaging school wide contests each academic quarter.  With respect for others, they walk the hallways of De Chantal as the leaders of the school.