Discover De Chantal


At De Chantal our teachers, parents and students exemplify what it means to be part of a faith-centered community.  Founded with traditional Catholic values alive today, the De Chantal community actively shows respect for others and a commitment to serve others.

Faith is a constant guide, from our youngest students that understand the importance of being a good friend, making smart decisions and caring for others to our older students that understand our duty to treat everyone with respect and dignity, to give back to the community and to live a life guided by prayer and the Gospel teachings.

De Chantal nurtures faith-based values.


Academic excellence is offered through a contemporary, interactive and challenging curriculum taught by exceptional teachers.  

De Chantal's small class size allows teachers to forge deep connections with students and develop trusted partnerships with parents.  Our teachers provide students with a solid foundation for high school and college by instilling a love of learning, building intellectual confidence and inspiring each student to reach their academic potential.  Students graduate as confident 8th graders with exceptional critical thinking skills, reading and writing skills, hands-on experience in Math, Science and STEM and a passion for the creative fine arts.

Students Thrive At De Chantal.


Today's world is ever-changing.  De chantal's proud traditions serve to remind us of our consistent values and our commitment to one another.  For students their families and the generations of families that have walked the halls of De Chantal, our community-focused traditions are what bind us.

Throughout the school year we celebrate many events during which parents and students become part of something bigger than themselves.  These traditions build relationships between and among families, friends, teachers and parish.  On a daily basis, De Chantal students show respect for each other and show kindness towards all through their actions and words.

De Chantal is where memories are made.


De Chantal's heartbeat is in its community.  We foster an environment where families know one another.  Parents stop in the parking lot to chat.  Families have Brunch or BBQs together after Mass.  Friendships are built.  It is a warm, welcoming and most importantly, safe and inclusive environment for all students on our campus.

Our supportive community enables each child to develop a positive self image, leadership skills and a sense of responsibility towards school, parish and community.

The De Chantal Community is one families can always count on.