De Chantal is committed to providing a solid foundation for high school and college by supporting and nurturing all areas of student's development and learning – from social-emotional and cognitive skills to literacy, math, and science understanding, to a passion for the creative fine arts. Through careful instruction, our teachers and administrators help our students graduate as confident eighth-graders who often apply to and are accepted by more than one of the local Catholic or independent high schools in our area. Many of our eighth-grade students who choose their local public high school find themselves in advanced placement or honors classes as a freshman.

High Schools Attended by Recent Alumni:

Connelly School of the Holy Child 
DeMatha Catholic High School
Georgetown Preparatory School
Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School
Gonzaga College High School
Holton-Arms School
Maret School
Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
Sidwell Friends School
St. Alban's School
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
St. Anselm’s Abbey School
St. John’s College High School
Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
The Academy of the Holy Cross
The Heights School
Walter Johnson High School
Walt Whitman High School
Winston Churchill High School