Sixth Grade

Building on their strong academic foundation De Chantal Sixth Grade students become capable independent students, managing a rich complex academic schedule. For the first time, sixth grade students will have five teachers each day. The middle school faculty specializes in their academic area offering students exceptional lessons in Religion, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and History – Social Studies. Teachers work closely with each student to insure they learn necessary academic time management skills. The Religion curriculum focuses on Biblical study of the Old Testament and students participate in liturgical services as readers and alter servers.

A particularly special tradition at De Chantal is the “Sixth Grade Musical Play.” All students are cast members in the play, which is usually a performed in late April. After weeks of rehearsals, students take the stage and perform to the delight of the school and their families. Through the play, many undiscovered artistic talents are revealed each year. Sixth Grade Students also participate in an Experiential Learning Field Trip to Wilderness Adventure in Virginia. During a three-day trip, students canoe, climb, swim and enjoy a unique wilderness setting.