Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-K (3)

Our Pre-K 3 classroom is led by an early childhood educator with years of experience.  The full day program focuses the smallest learners with a loving, caring environment.  Children follow a structured daily schedule that offers multi-sensory activities with an emphasis on pre-reading skills and language development.  Through active playtime children grow socially, emotionally and physically. 

Pre-K (4)

The Pre-K 4 classroom at De Chantal has two experienced teachers and a classroom aide. Children participate in developmentally appropriate lessons to build self-confidence and a love of learning. The full day schedule includes free play as well as group and individual academic learning opportunities. With guidance and encouragement from the teachers, each child will find and develop social and academic skills. The loving caring atmosphere helps each child learn the importance of kindness and respect for others.

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The Kindergarten classrooms at De Chantal each have an experience teacher and classroom aide. The curriculum focuses on all aspects of social, emotional and academic development. Teachers use a variety of group and individual learning opportunities throughout the school day. The core subjects of Reading, Math, Language Arts, Religion, Social Studies, and Science are taught daily and complemented by weekly classes in Art, Music, PE, STEM Lab and Library. Students focus on creating a class community by practicing Catholic values, learning to work with others and learning social and emotional skills to round out their educational development. Teachers create a loving environment focused on fostering independence and self-confidence.

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