Middle Grades


The De Chantal Middle School Curriculum is academically challenging preparing students in the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades for the demands of a rigorous high school curriculum. The Middle School Faculty designs flexible lessons to accommodate different learning styles emphasizing critical thinking and creativity. Students attend eight classes daily in Religion, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, English, Foreign Language, Science, and History-Social Studies. There is the time each week for students to participate in Physical Education, Art, Music, and STEM Lab.

Leading a variety of Community Service Projects offers De Chantal Students the opportunity to grow in mind and spirit as they live Christ’s call to serve others. De Chantal middle school students understand the spiritual benefits of practicing their faith through the sacraments and service. Throughout three years, students will participate in several experiential learning opportunities in Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts. These opportunities are an example of De Chantal's commitment to educating the whole child.

6th Grade

Building on their strong academic foundation De Chantal Sixth Grades students become capable independent students, managing a rich complex academic schedule.

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7th Grade

After a year in the Middle Grades, De Chantal Seventh grade students are confident, settled into their routine and able to manage a challenging curriculum.

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8th Grade

The academically challenging curriculum prepares students across all subjects for the rigors of high school.

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