Grade 2 Room 4

OCTOBER 3rd - 7th

We have finally made it to October !  September is a very long month since we start school in August. This month sure started off cold so please be sure to send in a jacket in the morning since we do go out to play. 

Our Week 

Religion - Chapter 5.  We Celebrate Confirmation. This week the focus is Confirmation and how the Holy Spirit guides us in our adult lives. October 2nd was the Feast of our Guardian Angel. The school will be doing a Living Rosary for the month of October.

Bible - Joseph Meets his Brothers.

Math - Chapter 2  Math test on fact families and basic Subtraction. Our new chapter is working with groups of ten and the value of numbers.

Grammar- Nouns and combining sentences.

Phonics- Long sounds of "o"  and "u".

Reading- Chapter 3  Ms. Blossom  Gift. Focus on "ng" and "le". 

Handwriting - writing letter "K,k" 

Spelling -  "ng" and "le" word endings.

Spelling Words

handle, middle, ring, strong, want, look, come, any, some, very, new, good.


* Please put your child's name in their sweatshirts and jackets. I have one De Chantal sweat shirt that has been left in the room for the past two weeks. 

* Our Library day is Monday. Your child will take out books each week. Please be sure to return the book on Monday so they can take out another one. 

* We will be taking our first Field Trip to Lincoln's Cottage on October 12th. Our chaperones are Mrs. Antonelli and Mrs. Cavallo. Thank you so much. We are planning three more trips so don't worry there are more chances for you to come with us. 

* Field trip forms are due this week.

* Halloween costume paper is due October 12th.

Our class Room Parents this year are Mrs. Brandaleone and Mrs. Antonelli. Thank you both so much for organizing our fun year ahead and helping set up class parties etc. 

Happy October ! 

                                                                               Mrs. Lozupone

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